Version Updates: Photosynthesis

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  • Photosynthesis combines the following 4 products into one complete Sonic Toolkit. Included is Sphere, a collection of gorgeous evolving pads, dark soundscapes and rhythmic underscore; Mystic, focusing on ambient and unique cello articulations, pads and soundscapes; Embers, providing heavy growling basses, distant organic instruments pads and synths; and Realms, delivering extensive bowed metal object, beautiful shimmering pads and eerie atmospheres.
  • The library works in a bespoke sound design engine, with the UI purpose built for this library.

Free Upgrade

If you own all 4 previous versions of the Photosynthesis products, you will be entitled to a free upgrade to Photosynthesis.

The Native Access serial number for this upgrade will be sent out to you via the email linked with your Audio Imperia account.

 you need help updating your product, please click the link here.

Crossgrade Discount

If you own some but not all of the previous versions of this product, you will be entitled to a special crossgrade discount.

This discount will be unique to you, so please reach out for your customised offer at

You will be able to apply the purchase amounts as a credit toward upgrading to the new NKS versions.

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Version Updates: Photosynthesis

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