What is Legacy?

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Legacy is a stellar collection of the best of Audio Imperia’s discontinued first year products, consolidated into one incredibly versatile sound design and sound effects library made for Kontakt Player. Specialising in cinematic science-fiction and superhero film sounds, Legacy combines an extensive catalog of fantastic initial releases under one roof.

The libraries that make up Legacy are:
Scenes from the Multiverse, an impressive collection of sounds specialising in hybrid Music; Dark Dimensions, containing sounds with a darker tone intended for very menacing scores; Event Horizon, focusing on sci-fi and futuristic cinematic sounds; and Terraform, a comprehensive collection of pulses and rhythmic patterns, designed to fit perfectly with our orchestral pallet.

Whether you are a composer, songwriter or filmaker, the sounds found in our Legacy collection will set you up with an endless range of incredible cinematic possibilities.

What are the System Requirements for Legacy?

  • Compatible with any DAW
  • Kontakt Player Version 6.3.2 or higher
  • Download Size: 4.12GB
  • NKS Compatible

How It Works

What is Kontakt Player and Why is it Needed to Use Legacy?

Our libraries run in a third party sample player called Kontakt. Kontakt is a plugin, to load in your DAW. You can then load Legacy within Kontakt.

Can I Use this Library on Multiple Computers?

Yes, our license allows for a second installation per user.

How Do I Move this Library to a Second Computer?

To find out how to relocate/install this library on a second computer, please follow our guide by clicking the link here.

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What is Legacy?

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