Version Updates: Areia

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v1.2 - 15th August 2023

– ADDED 3 new legato types recorded for each section: Fingered, Rebowed and Portamento.
– ADDED New performance legato style interface, for quick and versatile control over multiple legato types, with an additional ‘short overlay’ system to enable intricate passages to be created without keyswitching.
– ADDED New folder and patch layout, to enable finding the articulation you need easier.
– FIXED Sample start on Celli Measured Tremolo.
– FIXED Celli single patches would load samples out of their selected articulation.
– FIXED Corrupted samples in sound design pads.

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v1.1.0 - 1st August 2020

– ADDED Areia is now based on our new Kontakt engine
– ADDED Patches have been separated into Basic and Advanced articulations for improved load times.

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Version Updates: Areia

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