What is the Flourish Series?

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Flourish is an anthology of products designed specifically around the idea of individuality. These products help embellish and polish your own distinct compositional voice, as each product is a unique, handcrafted compositional tool designed specifically for a smaller content release.

Flourish is not a set collection of libraries, neither is it a mass sampling session split up into smaller releases. 
There is not a specific amount of libraries we will be releasing, meaning we’ve opened the door to limitless possibilties to grow your Flourish catalog to suit you, as new releases are realised and built by our team over the coming years.

Not every release will be for you, as we aim to explore a wide range of compositional palettes, genres, and styles. However, if you find a Flourish product that you think fits your soundscape, make sure to pick it up and add to your catalog, as once 6 weeks has passed, the product will no longer be available.

No re-release. No sale. No bundle.

Why are Flourish products only available for 6 weeks?

We have created Flourish as a platform for tools designed specifically around the idea of individuality. They are libraries to help embellish and polish your own unique compositional voice.

These are not products designed for every user, but rather the particular user. It is in this vein that we have decided to have a limited release period for each product, so each user who decides to pick up the particular library can feel it gives them a sense of identity.

Will these products continue to be supported?

All products released as part of the Flourish Series will remain fully supported after their release period alongside our main catalogue.

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What is the Flourish Series?

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