Engine Overview: Photosynthesis

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Photosynthesis is housed within a bespoke sound design engine, purpose-built to maximise sound design possibilities with the distinct features this engine brings.

Layers Page

The Layers Page is the core of Photosynthesis, allowing you to layer up to 3 different sounds together depending on your chosen preset.

These layers can be soloed, muted, panned and tuned with the adjustable parameters.

The volume of each layer can also be assigned to a MIDI CC of your choice, and then adjusted in real time as your perform, giving the instrument dynamic representation.

Effects Page

The Effects Page, gives you the ability to further personalise instruments with a range of both insert and send effects.

Each effect can be set globally, or within the dropdown menu to allow for individual sound customisation.

On the right-hand side is an XY morph pad that allows more intricate fades between the different layers available within each instrument.

Many of the effects can also be triggered during playback without needing the Effects Page open. The green key range will allow effects to be triggered during live playback, without your hands leaving the keyboard.

Rhythm Page

The Rhythm Page is split between a filter and a source subsection.

Within the source section
 there are 3 Low Frequency Oscillators, which allow you to manipulate the 3 main controls on the Layers Page: Gain, Pan and Pitch.

We also have 2 filters tables, both pre and post FX, allowing users to further customise and design their sounds.

Master Page

The Master Page comes complete with stereo control, an EQ, compressor, filter and ADSR controls. Everything you would need to fine-tune and finalise your sound.

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Engine Overview: Photosynthesis

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