What is Talos?

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Talos is a cinematic brass ensemble library made for Kontakt Player. Talos was designed to be an absolute powerhouse in the cinematic brass world, giving composers the ability to add earth-shattering brass to their scores.

nstruments included in the library are: 12 French Horns and 12 Low Brass players (comprimising of 4 Bass Trombones, 4 Cimbassi and 4 Tubas). Each instrument is housed within their seperate sections, containing long-establihed articulations and a mic positions.

Talos blends perfectly with other Audio Imperia libraries (Jaeger, Cerberus, etc.), enhancing your writing experience by retaining realism and seamlessly fitting well in a mix. Whilst Talos is excellent at delivering formidible epic brass, the library has a wide range of versatility, capturing the full sonic range successfully. From a roaring larger than life ensemble to equally impressive soft and subtle elements of brass, Talos is a must-have.

What are the System Requirements for Talos?

  • Compatible with any DAW
  • Kontakt Player Version 6.3.2 or higher
  • Download Size: 10.72GB
  • NKS Compatible

How It Works

What is Kontakt Player and Why is it Needed to Use Talos?

Our libraries run in a third party sample player called Kontakt. Kontakt is a plugin, to load in your DAW. You can then load Talos within Kontakt.

Can I Use this Library on Multiple Computers?

Yes, our license allows for a second installation per user.

How Do I Move this Library to a Second Computer?

To find out how to relocate/install this library on a second computer, please follow our guide by clicking the link here.

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What is Talos?

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