What is Trailer Guitars 2?

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Trailer Guitars 2 is comprehensive cinematic guitar library made for Kontakt Player. With everything from clean tones to gritty distortion, sonic drones, loops, kits and specially curated content; Trailer Guitars 2 is a dynamically rich and complete library that amplifies your scores.

A wide array of Clean and Distorted electric guitar patches are included in the library, containing a huge selection of articulations which have been mulisampled to allow for independent panning and volume control of each channel. On top of this, Trailer guitars 2 includes a massive assortment of useful loops to give your music momentum, as well as kits and bespoke sound design, elevating your music with the unique edge this library provides.

If you’re looking for a conventional guitar instrument as well as a remarkably extensive composition tool, Trailer Guitars 2 has you covered. The versatility of this library is perfect for big, epic cinematic scores and beyond.

What are the System Requirements for Trailer Guitars 2?

  • Compatible with any DAW
  • Kontakt Player Version 6.3.2 or higher
  • Download Size: 5.58GB
  • NKS Compatible

How It Works

What is Kontakt Player and Why is it Needed to Use Trailer Guitars 2?

Our libraries run in a third party sample player called Kontakt. Kontakt is a plugin, to load in your DAW. You can then load Trailer Guitars 2 within Kontakt.

Can I Use this Library on Multiple Computers?

Yes, our license allows for a second installation per user.

How Do I Move this Library to a Second Computer?

To find out how to relocate/install this library on a second computer, please follow our guide by clicking the link here.

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What is Trailer Guitars 2?

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