What is Cerberus?

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Cerberus is the quintessential drum library for those looking to incorporate powerful cinematic drums within their scores. Made for Kontakt Player, Cerberus utilises it’s state of the art stacking system to transform the hard-hitting drummer trio recorded during the sessions, into an monsterous army of players, reinvigorating your music with relentless energy without compromising the quality and tightness of the sound.

Cerberus comes loaded with a large set of tempo synced drum loops, all created from the original source material. The loops come in 120bpm, 90bpm, 4/4, and 3/4 variations. Each loop additionally has the low, mid, and high stems laid out on the keyboard, allowing you to layer stems to create your own combinations. For a TV or library composer who writes lots of underscore, these loops are going to be incredible time savers.

While Cerberus excels in crafting larger-than-life percussion, the library also includes an individual drum kit with cymbals as well as a thundering Gran Cassa Ensemble. These added instruments along with the detailed control through the librarys stacking system, helps make this an extremely flexible library to suit your needs.

What are the System Requirements for Cerberus?

  • Compatible with any DAW
  • Kontakt Player Version 6.3.2 or higher
  • Download Size: 19.51GB
  • NKS Compatible

How It Works

What is Kontakt Player and Why is it Needed to Use Cerberus?

Our libraries run in a third party sample player called Kontakt. Kontakt is a plugin, to load in your DAW. You can then load Cerberus within Kontakt.

Can I Use this Library on Multiple Computers?

Yes, our license allows for a second installation per user.

How Do I Move this Library to a Second Computer?

To find out how to relocate/install this library on a second computer, please follow our guide by clicking the link here.

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What is Cerberus?

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