What is the Difference Between Nucleus and Jaeger?

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There are currently 2 orchestral Audio Imperia libraries containing multiple instrument sections, Nucleus and Jaeger, what is the difference?


Nucleus is designed to be the perfect entry point for those looking to write and produce traditional cinematic music. Containing a full orchestra with long-established articulations and mic positions, this library focuses on the essentials when it comes to film scoring. Nucleus also includes instruments not found in Jaeger, such as: the soloists, choir, woodwinds, and unique sound design.


Jaeger is designed to be a modern hybrid all-in-one library for those looking to write and produce epic cinematic scores. Containing a strings, brass and percussion section, as well as vocal patches and sound design elements, all with a variety of mic positions. The library’s strengths lie in it’s hybrid nature, referring to the mix of traditional orchestral sections with unusual sound design, impactful percussion and angelic vocals.

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