Engine Overview: Artifact Reanimate

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Artifact Reanimate is housed within a unique tailor-made sound design engine, which hosts 3 variations of the engine’s functions found in the Main Page, each optimised to suit the different types of sampled content the library offers.

Variation 1: Pitch Knob

This first variation of the sound design engine is intended for use with atonal samples (where a root key is not defined).

The pitch of the samples 
is controlled via the Pitch Knob (1), while samples are mapped to individual keys (2), allowing sounds to be layered with ease.

Variation 2: Keyswitches

The second variation of the sound design engine is intended for use with tonal samples (where a root key is defined).

Samples are mapped to individual keys (1) in order to layer sounds, while pitch is controlled via Keyswitches (2).

Note: With these patches, the Pitch Knob and Semitone Lock Button are not present.

Variation 3: Tonal Mapping

The the third and final variation of the sound design engine is also intended for use with tonal samples.

Samples are mapped to key ranges (1) for playing chords, and pitch is controlled by the Pitch Knob (2).

Note: On these patches, sounds are selected either by using the drop down menu (3), or by using the left and right arrows (4).


Below is a list of controllers you will find to help you navigate the sound design engine.

Main Controllers
  1. Volume & Pan
  2. Pitch & Semitone Lock
  3. Attack and Release
  4. Stereo Spread
  5. Sample Start
  6. Reverse
Filters + EQ

7. Low Pass Filter

8. 3-Band EQ

9. High Pass Filter

10. Global Button:

The Global button allows you to apply the parameters listed above to all sounds globally (On) or to each sound individually (Off).

The button’s behavior will vary depending on how you select the sounds, either by a key (Pitch Knob and Keyswitches engine), or by the drop down menu and left/right arrows (Tonal Mapping engine)

Note: Both the Global Key On and Global Key Off states retain their own settings, so you can toggle between them without losing your work.

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Engine Overview: Artifact Reanimate

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