What is the Difference between Kontakt Player and Kontakt Full?

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Kontakt is a sampling software by Native Instruments. It allows users to create, play and record digital instruments by using prerecorded audio inside your DAW as an Instrument Plug-In.

There are two variants of the Kontakt sampler –
Kontakt Player and Kontakt Full. 

ontakt Player is a free version of the sampler, which allows users to only use Player-compatible instruments. With Kontakt Player, users are unable to build and edit their own instruments.

ontakt Full is the ‘retail version’ of the sampler, which can be purchased on the Native Instruments website. With Kontakt Full, users are able to use all Kontakt Instruments and have the ability to build and edit their own instruments.

To view an in-depth comparison between the two samplers, please click the link here.

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