How Do I Fix “Library not Found” Error in Kontakt?

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If you are receiving the error message “Library not Found”, the location of the Kontakt library may have moved of the installation folder path may have been changed/renamed.

To fix this, please follow the steps below:

1) Close all Audio/MIDI-related software and open Native Access.

2) Within Native Access, go to
Library > Installed > Kontakt , and find the library that is missing.

3) On the library, click
Repair and then Relocate once the Repair Installation window appears.

4) Click the folder icon, find the new location of the library and click
Open on the Library folder.

The library should now be successfully relocated. You can click
Done to close the Locate window and find your library displayed in Kontakt, ready for use.

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How Do I Fix “Library not Found” Error in Kontakt?

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