How Do I Add a Product to the Kontakt Library Tab?

Estimated reading: 1 minute

When installing a Kontakt Player product you should be able to see the product appear in the library tab on the left-hand panel within Kontakt.

If you do not see your product in the library tab, make sure the product is set to display, by clicking the box within the ‘Manage Libraries’ setting at the top of the ‘Libraries’ in Kontakt and refresh.

If you’re product is still not appearing in the library tab, this may be due to the library folder being moved or the product being installed incorrectly, and will need to be relocated.

To find out how to install a Kontakt Player library, click here.

Kontakt libraries without a serial number that can only be accessed in Kontakt Full, will be located in the Files tab in it’s respective install location and will not appear in the library tab.

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