How Do I Fix “Content Missing” Error in Kontakt?

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If you recieve the “Content Missing” error when opening a library in Kontakt, this means Kontakt is unable to locate the library.

This happens if you have renamed or moved the library, causing the library path to become invalid meaning Kontakt is unable to to find the corresponding samples.

To fix this, you can use the
Batch re-save tool in Kontakt:

1) With Kontakt open, select the floppy disk icon in the title bar of Kontakt and click “
Batch re-save“.

2) You should recieve a warning message, click “Yes” to continue.

3) Locate the library you wish to re-save and click “Open” to continue.

4) Kontakt will then check your library. Once this is completed, you may still see a “Content Missing” warning. If so, click “Browse for folder“.

5) A window should open, allowing you to locate the library. Select the library’s ‘Samples‘ folder and click “Open” to continue.

Kontakt will re-link the library’s instruments to their respective sample content, batch re-saving the library. Your Kontakt Library should now load as intended.

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How Do I Fix “Content Missing” Error in Kontakt?

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