How Do I Load a Kontakt Instrument?

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To load an instrument within Kontatk, please follow the steps below:

1) Open Kontakt as a plugin within your DAW of choice or launch the sampler as a standalone program.

2) Locate the instrument file (.nki) within the browser on the left-hand panel of Kontakt.

3) From there you can either drag the .nki into the blank space on the right-hand panel or double click it to load the instrument.

Dragging the .nki on top of another loaded instrument will replace it with the new one.

Dragging the .nki under a loaded instrument or double clicking after an instrument has been loaded, will load a second instrument in the same instance of Kontakt.

To find out how to play both instruments simultaneously in one instance of Kontakt, click here.

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How Do I Load a Kontakt Instrument?

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