How Do I Save a Preset in Kontakt?

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Kontakt allows you to save custom presets that retain any tweaks and edits you have made to the default parameters, saving your preferred settings as a custom preset for easy access.

To save a custom preset within Kontakt, please follow the steps below:

1) Open Kontakt or Kontakt player within your DAW of choice, or launch the sampler as a standalone program.

2) Once open, load the instrument you would like to create a custom preset for and tweak the parameters and settings to you’re liking.

3) After adjusting the instrument, click the floppy disk icon in the title bar of Kontakt click “
Save As” and select the instrument from the Save As menu.

4) Rename your preset in the window that appears, then click “Save“.

5) Your custom preset is now saved, and will be available to load in the patch list of the library after you click the refresh icon in the top left corner of Kontakt.

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How Do I Save a Preset in Kontakt?

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