What is MIDI CC?

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MIDI CC stands for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface Control Change”, and is used to send messages from a MIDl controller into your DAW, making it possible for MIDI hardware to control various parameters inside your virtual instrument.

Whether you’re moving a fader, mod wheel, pushing a button or turning a knob on your controller, each one will transmit a unique MIDI CC number (between 0 – 127) to your DAW, which is assigned to a specfic parameter by default.

You are able to customise the parameter each control is assigned to by following the steps below:

1) Load an instrument into Kontakt.

2) R
ight click on the parameter you wish to reassign and click “Remove MIDI CC#”.

3) Right click on the parameter again and click “Learn MIDI CC”.

4) Now move the control you would like to assign the parameter to on your MIDI controller and the parameter should now be mapped to that control.

You can now use that control to automate the parameter it was assigned when recording.

If you are looking for your next MIDI CC Controller, discover more about Audio Imperia’s FVDE here. FVDE is a fully programmable and dedicated MIDI CC controller that is custom made to elevate your MIDI programming. 

Learn more about MIDI CC here, in Episode 3 of our Free online course ‘Journey to Becoming a Composer.’ 

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What is MIDI CC?

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