What Hardware Do I Need to Get Started with Audio Imperia Products?

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It’s important to think about what hardware you might need when purchasing an Audio Imperia product.

If you’re new to composing with virtual instruments it’s good to keep in mind that the bigger the library, the higher spec your system should be in terms of RAM and processing power. If you work on more complex projects with hundreds of tracks you would need a system that has at least 32GB+ of RAM and an 8 Core Processor in order to run your sessions without risk of freezing or crashing.

In terms of where to store your samples, it’s important to have an External Drive. SSD’s will work more efficiently than HDD’s making SSD’s are more expensive. You can store your libraries directly onto your computers hard disk but this can be taxing on machines with a limited amount of storage.

Outside of your system it would be wise to invest in a MIDI Keyboard including a Mod Wheel as well as a Sustain Pedal and Channel Fader Bank to allow you to play and control our sample libraries and parameters with ease.

It would also be worth investing in an Audio Interface so you can monitor and mix your compositions at a higher sound quality through external speakers or headphones, as the sound card in an audio interface is most likely better than a computer’s.

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What Hardware Do I Need to Get Started with Audio Imperia Products?

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