What is an Orchestral Template?

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Orchestral templates are saved session templates made within a DAW to allow composer to start writing without having to set up any of the instruments and extra plugins they would usually use.

Instrument tracks and effects plugins can be loaded pre-panned and organised, being routed and laid out exactly how the composer needs.

This is particularly useful for orchestral writing as a template can serve as the starting point for a project, saving a lot of time by mitigating the setup of a session, allowing composers to start composing straight away without any hassle.

Every composer has their own approach to their templates, and it’s important to build yours in a way that best serves your needs.

Learn more about orchestral templates here, in Module 3 of our of our online course ‘The Modern Composer Blueprint’, available now on our Maestro Platform. 

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What is an Orchestral Template?

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