Do You Offer Crossgrade Discounts?

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At Audio Imperia, we offer a number of different crossgrade offers within our product catalogue. 

Lite Edition | Companion Product Crossgrades

If you own a companion edition product, the purchase price of this product is automatically deducted from the full version of that product.

Each lite product acts as a companion product to its full version. All of the content found in a lite product can also be found in the full version.

The discount is always available for the relevant products, even when those products are on sale, and will be applied to your account automatically during a sale period.

Our companion products include:

Product Crossgrades

Some of our full products also have cross grade discounts available to them. These include:

Owning any one of these three libraries entitles you to a $100 discount on either of the other two.

Each of these cross grades are applied automatically on purchase, and apply on top of any lite edition cross grade, as well as any sale period that occurs. If you have bought any of these products at a discounted price, the same $100 discount will still apply. 

3rd Party Purchase Eligibility

If you have purchased products externally to our webstore (e.g. Native Instruments), you are still eligible for a cross grade discount, but our system will be unable to apply this automatically.

Please submit a ticket stating the product you own, proof of purchase, and the product you wish to purchase and we will get a custom order sent out to you.

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Do You Offer Crossgrade Discounts?

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