Main Page

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PYRAMID sound design patches have two pages: Main and FX. The Main page contains a set of essential sound modifying tools, and the FX page contains a set of insert and send effects that you can apply to the sounds to expand your musical possibilities.

1. Sound Selector: Click on the sound name to open the sound selection menu. You can also browse through sounds by using the left and right arrows.

2. Sound Modifiers: These are the essential controllers for modifying the sounds to your liking. We offer 8 automatable controllers for Volume, Pan, Attack, Release, Pitch, Stereo Spread, Low Pass Filter Cutoff and High Pass Filter Cutoff.

3. Semitone Lock (Pitch): When enabled, truncates the pitch difference value to semitones.

4. Sample Start: Determines where playback of the selected sample will start from. Click and drag the cursor to set a new position.

5. Forward / Reverse playback: The direction of the arrow reflects the direction of playback, either forward or reverse.

6. Global: Determines whether the main controls affect the patch globally or per-sound.

Note: In choir patches, an additional set of keyswitches is available for the Staccatissimo Phrases articulation. The Phrases articulation cycles through nine different syllables, and the keyswitches reflect the next syllable that will sound. A specific syllable can be selected using the keyswitches.