Measured Tremolo

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Measured Tremolo patches are provided for select string Instruments. In Sequenced mode (1), the patch plays a looping sequence that is synced to the host tempo, whilst Playable mode behaves more like a standard shorts patch. the tempo control (2) allows the playback tempo to be set to a multiple or fraction of the host tempo.

In sequenced mode, the modwheel controls the overall velocity of the sequence, but the accent table (3) can be used to vary the relative velocity of each individual mote. The table always displays the exact velocity at which the note will play, and moving the modwheel updates the table accordingly. Keyswitches (4) are use to select between eight different sequences, which can also be saved or loaded with the save and load controls (6). the remap controls (5) transpose the keyswitches up or down the playable range.