Legato Combined

Estimated reading: 1 minute

With the release of ‘Solo’ we have built a new feature in Pyramid, Legato Combined, which allows you to merge the two types of legato into a single playable articulation with no need to keyswitch.

In patches with legato combined two legato combinations will be merged into a single bigger articulation. 

How it works

Depending on the velocity you play with you will hear a different legato type. In the example above, a velocity of 0-63 will trigger the ‘Legato Rebowed’ articulation, and velocities 64-127 will trigger the ‘Legato Slurred’ articulation. 

The central slider allows you to alter the velocity breakpoints. You can also press the flip button to swap max and minimum velocities. 

You can also alter whether legato combined works based on velocity or CC instead. Right clicking on ‘CC’ and clicking ‘Learn MIDI CC# Automation’ will assign a controller value of your choice which will then control which legato type is being played back. 

The unlink button on the right next to the keyswitch note will allow you to turn off legato combined and allow both legato types to be used independently with key switching.