Constrictor: RR Customization

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

1. Control Selector

Control whether you can select the number of round robins per articulation, or by specific keys within the key range.

Key Mode:
– In key mode, each key in the playable range of the instrument has its own round-robin settings. Each key can have disabled and enabled round-robins.

Articulation Mode:
– In articulation mode, round-robins are global across multiple keys. You can set enabled round-robins for an entire articulation and this will affect the entire key range.

2. RR Selector

Here you can view the number of round robins (RR) available for that particular key/ articulation. The currently audible round robin is shown in orange, whilst all the other RRs available are in grey.

Clicking on any grey or orange RR will disable it, where it will then display a hollow circle. This RR has now been removed from the cycle, meaning repetitions of the same note will no longer include this RR.

Pressing Option/Alt + Clicking round-robin circles will turn all off except that clicked one.

Pressing the RESET button will bring all available RR back into the cycle. When ‘Key’ is selected within the Control Selector (1), the active key will appear in the left side of the view window.

3. Select by Keyswitch

Selecting this will bring up an additional purple keyboard within the Kontakt keyboard area. Use this key range to automatically select individual RR’s within a particular key/articulation.

This is particularly useful within Atonal patches, allowing users to select their favourite RR within each articulation, and guarantee the same RR during playback.

4. Keyswitch movement tool

Use this tool to move the purple KS keyboard up/down your key range.