Chorus: Phrase Builder

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Within Syllable articulations (Traditional, Energetic and Slow) within Chorus, you can now see a visual representation of every syllable within the patch, as well as a custom menu within the advanced tab to allow you to construct and sculpt your individual syllable presets.

  1. Preset Bar: Shows the name of your current preset, as well as additional controls
  2. Navigation arrows: Cycle through existing presets
  3. Save: Allows for custom built presets to be named, saved and reloaded on request as a .nka file. Presets must be saved into their respective folders, depending on the syllable instrument (Traditional, Energetic, Slow) you are building in (these will be present on data entry).
  4. Search: Allows the user to browse existing presets
  5. Syllable Pool: Shows available syllables within the instrument. Each syllable can be clicked to add it to the end of the sequence within the bottom section.*
  6. Syllable Builder: shows syllables currently within active preset, and the order that they play in. The active syllable played will eluminate within the panel. Hovering over any syllable will give you the chance to click and remove it from the sequence. Once the last syllable is heard, the sequence will loop.
  7. Reset: Allows the user to reset and remove all syllables.
*within Slow Syllables, this panel also shows the default order the syllables are built. Within this order, transitional content will be played between syllables. In any custom preset where the original order is altered, these transitional releases are not heard