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What do you mean by the term “Series”? 

Flourish is not a set collection of libraries, neither is it a mass sampling session split up into smaller releases. Each product is a unique, handcrafted compositional tool designed specifically for a smaller content release.

There is no specific amount of libraries we will be releasing, and you can see your Flourish catalog grow as new releases are realized and built by our team over the coming years. Not every release will be for you, as we aim to explore a wide range of compositional palettes, genres, and styles. But if you find one that you think fits your sound world, make sure to pick it up, as once the 6 weeks is finished, the product will no longer be available.

No re-release. No sale. No bundle.


Why is it only available for 6 weeks?

We have created Flourish as a platform for tools designed specifically around the idea of individuality. They are libraries to help embellish and polish your own unique compositional voice.

These are not products designed for every user, but rather the particular user. It is in this vein that we have decided to have a limited release period for each product, so each user who decides to pick up the particular library can feel it gives them a sense of identity.


Will any product be made available after their initial release?

Each product will be available for 6 weeks from release and then will be removed from our catalog.


Will there be a sale?

No. Flourish products will be a set price for each release. There will be no intro pricing period, and any releases that overlap with our seasonal sales will not be included. EDU pricing, however, will apply.


Will there be any Flourish bundles?

No. Any type of bundle offer will not be made, as this will completely undermine the uniqueness and individuality of each product.

If you buy a Flourish product, you can know that you are getting the same high-quality sampling standards as our main catalog, in a smaller package with a lower price point.

The 6-week window is the only time you can purchase this package, and you can rest easy knowing there is no better deal waiting for you in 3, 6, or 9 months’ time.


Will these products remain supported after their release period?

Yes of course, all products will remain fully supported alongside our main catalogue.