How Do I Install a Kontakt Player Library?

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As all of our products are housed within Kontakt, you will need to authorise them with Native Instruments before downloading.

To do this, you will need to install their administration software, Native Access.

After making a Native Instruments account, add your product to Kontakt by clicking “
Add Serial” in the bottom left of the Native Access window and enter the serial number for your product.

Your product should now be authorised with Native Instruments and available in Kontakt.

You can now install your Kontakt library by clicking “

To determine the download location for your libraries select “
Preferences” and then browse for the location you want the library to download to.

Kontakt libraries that do not have a serial number do not need to be authorised by Native Access, and can only be accessed in Kontakt Full by loading it within Kontakts Files Browser.

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How Do I Install a Kontakt Player Library?

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