How Do I Install a Flourish Library?

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Flourish libraries are built for the full version of Kontakt. This means that you need to have a license of Kontakt in order to use our library for 15 minutes.

All our other products are built for the free version of Kontakt, meaning, you do not need to purchase a license of Kontakt to use them.

Within our Flourish libraries, the process to download the library is slightly different. 

You will need to download Continuata from the link below, a quick high-speed library downloader used by a range of developers, including us.

Once you have downloaded Conduct, open the application and copy to your clipboard (by Commmand + C on Mac, or Control + C on Windows) your serial, sent to you in your download email which will be sent to you shortly after purchasing your product. You can then click the ‘paste download code from clipboard’ button to register your library and begin the download.

Once you have pasted your library serial, you can click the ‘play’ download button towards the bottom of Conduct. Using the settings cog in the top right of Conduct, you can change and see where your library will be installed. Once downloaded and installed, you can navigate to the downloaded location within the ‘files’ panel of Kontakt and then double click the .nki file (instrument file) to open the instrument. (See below)

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